Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holy Hangover!

Today I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my pants!  It was one of those laughs that you start to cry and you know your tummy will hurt for days.  You know the kind I am talking about.  We have all been there.  It usually doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it changes your whole day. 
So naturally, I must share the story in hopes that you may have that hard core belly laugh on me.  Well, actually it's not on me, it's on my friend...really!
A dear friend of mine, who will remain nameless for obvious reasons as you read on, recently went to a Fiftieth birthday party celebration.  As a common natural American practice, all the departing guests received a small bottle (and I mean small!) of champagne as a "favor".  I never did quite understand why people feel the need to give you some sort of inconsequential trinket when you go to a monumental party, wedding or shower.  What do we all do with them anyway?  Ninety percent of the time the favors we get are things we don't want, need or have to have and wind up sitting in our homes taking up valuable space because we feel guilty about getting rid of it.  After all, someone went through much trouble to think about what it would be, how it would present and of course...they PAID for it!  Then, once enough time (potentially years) has past and you are absolutely sure that no one will be looking around to find it on display in your house, you can ditch into the round file.  OK, so enough of my whining, on with the story...
So, days later, on her way to yet another "fun event" (a baby shower), she decided that just before going in to engage in the phony "oohs" and "aahhs", that this might be a good time to indulge in her happy little gift.
I think it is extremely important to stress at this point in my story, that my friend doesn't drink,  alcohol that is. 
See, I told you this story wasn't about me!   ;)
So, with this, she unwraps the top and pulls the plug.  A little confused about the lid on the bottle, she shrugged it off to unfamiliarity with the beverage.  With that she slugged it down, like a drunken sailor.  As the champagne is smoothly sliding down her throat, she is agast over the taste.  She had had champagne before and knew instantly that this was the worst she had ever tasted.  She looked at the bottle to find that this happy little gift was a bottle of bubbles, dressed as a bottle of bubbly!
So, yes, she drank the whole bottle of bubbles, but the best was that when she shared the story, she told me it was bubble bath.  It was only the next day when we revisited the story that she told me about the funny little wand that was attached to the lid!
Alright, I will wait a moment while you are still cracking up before I continue...

So, now, how can we tie this into Positive Perspectives and the Law of Attraction?  It really is quite simple.  There is no greater example of the universe taking control and washing your mouth out with soap!  Watch your mouth, honor your word and always keep a positive perspective! 
And for my dear friend who inevidably will read this, I must ask...what happened to your rubberband?!

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Joseph Hurtgen said...

i wonder if your friend has ever mown her lawn, gathered up some of the clippings, rolled it into a cigarette and smoked, direly trying to satisfy some strange need to smoke grass.