Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Seed of Simplicity

Over the last few weeks I have decided to start my own organic garden.  Some people may say, "oh, that's sweet", but for me...  it is a massive commitment.
I had a garden once years ago, and will say that it was nice.  Today, however, it feels like a necessity.  For years now I have been always more likely to reach for the organic product but been relaxed in the total steadfast attitude towards it.
When I first engaged in alternative methods and became a Kinesiologist, I learned all about energy and how easily we are effected by various components.  I ate mostly organic things and was fully focused on my health.  Not only my physical health but my psychological health as well.  I found that I had truly been living a toxic lifestyle.
Toxic in the sense that I did not entertain the simplicity of life.  We (and I think I can speak for many of us) are so darn busy that we fail to observe the beauty.  For years I worked in a corporate environment.  I would observe, and participate in the madness of over extending myself continuously.  Sixty hour work weeks were the norm.  Daily commutes, travel, quick unhealthy foods just to fill the void, deadlines and corporate politics took over any ability I had to connect with the simplicities of life. 
I could go on and on about how we pollute our psyche with what we think we have to do that will make our lives more fulfilling or the things we have to buy, but I guess that is another topic for another day. 
For today, I just want to be free with my thoughts that life can be simple.  Non-Toxic and healthy.
The last couple of years I had not been as committed to myself - parenting can do that to a person! :)  But surely I should have been.  I can see how the smallest diversions can have huge impacts.  Life should be enjoyed.  Lived to the fullest.  How can we see clearly if we are clouded with chemicals?  I am not just speaking of pesticides, I am speaking of the toxicities of stress, anger and negative thoughts.
As I look around, I find that most people are stressed.  Most people hate their jobs (if they even have one today) and are fully functioning in toxicity. 

Functioning is the key word.

Functioning in the crudest sense.  Meaning, yes, they are breathing.  Yes, they are walking, talking and eating.  But are they truly living? 
Is this what God had in mind for us?  One could argue that as a society we have come a long way.  Our technologies are expanding and our medical breakthroughs are saving lives everyday.  To that I would debate, but are these technologies helping us or hurting us?  Look, I have grown very accustom to modern conveniences (as I sit here on my laptop), and I am not saying that we should go back to living on the prairie, but I do think that it would be prudent to understand that not all things that science develops are to our benefit.  They claim that statistically they are saving more cancer patients than ever.  But if you were to do a little simple research, you will see that the number of people with cancer, diabetes and various other diseases has absolutely skyrocketed over the last ten years!
We have developed an enormous amount of anti-depressant medications.  Why?  Because people are unhappy in their lives.  It is astonishing the number of people who are dependent on these drugs (I think it is something like one out of seven).  The scary thing about these medications is that most of them indicate severe depression and/or suicidal thoughts as a side effect!  Isn't that why they are taking it to begin with???? 

What the hell is going on here?

I don't want to sound like some crazy naturalist, I realize that most people don't have the availability to start their own organic garden and eliminate stress from their life overnight.  But I would just like to plant the seed of opportunity in you. 

For today, let's start to be a little bit more alert, a little bit more aware, a little bit more conscious. 
Let us all see the beauty of the simple things.  Question the ingredients in your food and how they will effect not just your body, but your mind, as well as your spirit.  Step out your door today and look at the beauty all around you.  The leaves on the trees, the flower bud that is emerging, the smile of a child, the wagging of the dog's tail.  Take in a deep breathe and hold it for a moment, feel the air that fills your lungs and then release.  On the exhale, let go of today's stresses and know that you are in control.  You have the ability to transform any area of your life and create a more simplistic positive perspective.  I am not perfect and know that there are many things in my life that could use a major overhaul, but for today, I intend to adjust a small piece... observing the beauty of simplicity.