Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Seed of Simplicity

Over the last few weeks I have decided to start my own organic garden.  Some people may say, "oh, that's sweet", but for me...  it is a massive commitment.
I had a garden once years ago, and will say that it was nice.  Today, however, it feels like a necessity.  For years now I have been always more likely to reach for the organic product but been relaxed in the total steadfast attitude towards it.
When I first engaged in alternative methods and became a Kinesiologist, I learned all about energy and how easily we are effected by various components.  I ate mostly organic things and was fully focused on my health.  Not only my physical health but my psychological health as well.  I found that I had truly been living a toxic lifestyle.
Toxic in the sense that I did not entertain the simplicity of life.  We (and I think I can speak for many of us) are so darn busy that we fail to observe the beauty.  For years I worked in a corporate environment.  I would observe, and participate in the madness of over extending myself continuously.  Sixty hour work weeks were the norm.  Daily commutes, travel, quick unhealthy foods just to fill the void, deadlines and corporate politics took over any ability I had to connect with the simplicities of life. 
I could go on and on about how we pollute our psyche with what we think we have to do that will make our lives more fulfilling or the things we have to buy, but I guess that is another topic for another day. 
For today, I just want to be free with my thoughts that life can be simple.  Non-Toxic and healthy.
The last couple of years I had not been as committed to myself - parenting can do that to a person! :)  But surely I should have been.  I can see how the smallest diversions can have huge impacts.  Life should be enjoyed.  Lived to the fullest.  How can we see clearly if we are clouded with chemicals?  I am not just speaking of pesticides, I am speaking of the toxicities of stress, anger and negative thoughts.
As I look around, I find that most people are stressed.  Most people hate their jobs (if they even have one today) and are fully functioning in toxicity. 

Functioning is the key word.

Functioning in the crudest sense.  Meaning, yes, they are breathing.  Yes, they are walking, talking and eating.  But are they truly living? 
Is this what God had in mind for us?  One could argue that as a society we have come a long way.  Our technologies are expanding and our medical breakthroughs are saving lives everyday.  To that I would debate, but are these technologies helping us or hurting us?  Look, I have grown very accustom to modern conveniences (as I sit here on my laptop), and I am not saying that we should go back to living on the prairie, but I do think that it would be prudent to understand that not all things that science develops are to our benefit.  They claim that statistically they are saving more cancer patients than ever.  But if you were to do a little simple research, you will see that the number of people with cancer, diabetes and various other diseases has absolutely skyrocketed over the last ten years!
We have developed an enormous amount of anti-depressant medications.  Why?  Because people are unhappy in their lives.  It is astonishing the number of people who are dependent on these drugs (I think it is something like one out of seven).  The scary thing about these medications is that most of them indicate severe depression and/or suicidal thoughts as a side effect!  Isn't that why they are taking it to begin with???? 

What the hell is going on here?

I don't want to sound like some crazy naturalist, I realize that most people don't have the availability to start their own organic garden and eliminate stress from their life overnight.  But I would just like to plant the seed of opportunity in you. 

For today, let's start to be a little bit more alert, a little bit more aware, a little bit more conscious. 
Let us all see the beauty of the simple things.  Question the ingredients in your food and how they will effect not just your body, but your mind, as well as your spirit.  Step out your door today and look at the beauty all around you.  The leaves on the trees, the flower bud that is emerging, the smile of a child, the wagging of the dog's tail.  Take in a deep breathe and hold it for a moment, feel the air that fills your lungs and then release.  On the exhale, let go of today's stresses and know that you are in control.  You have the ability to transform any area of your life and create a more simplistic positive perspective.  I am not perfect and know that there are many things in my life that could use a major overhaul, but for today, I intend to adjust a small piece... observing the beauty of simplicity.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perspective comes in many different sizes

During what seemed to be a never ending battle with an army of paper, I had... a moment
It seems that we are always bombarded with mounds and mounds of paper.  Papers with important information that can never be thrown out.  Papers that have information that must be saved for ten years.  Papers that give us instructions, just in case.  Papers that have significant emotional attachments.  And the least of my favorites are the papers that can prove our innocence, in the event of... so we certainly can't toss them!
In this particular battle, I had been looking for documents to prove myself worthy.  I am in the process of presenting a community project opportunity and must provide sufficient proof that I am a qualified project manager of such.  So, with this, I thought I would dip into the "I am great" file.
Do you have one of these?
I think everyone should.  It is a place where you can store all of those documents that says you are worthy.  We are all worthy in our own right and sometimes we get down on ourselves and need to be reminded of our little moments of glory.  For me, I have letters of recommendation, awards, and even writing projects from school.  Gosh, going through that file really boosted my spirits.
In the rubble, I came across this piece of writing that is more than twenty years old.  I stopped for a moment because I had not even remembered it - at all!  That was until, I started to read it.  I found it so moving that I thought it worthy to share with you...

When you think of the person who has influenced your life the most, traditionally you paint a picture of a "perfect person".  That person is often a coach, peer or teacher who you look up to and admire, and above all else, you would love to be like.  But what if that person is not someone that you would want to be like, and is considered anything but perfect?  What if that someone is completely dependent on others in all aspects of life?  Is it possible for someone so helpless to influence the life of a perfectly normal teenage girl?

Scottie has cerebral palsy and as a result is severely mentally and physically challenged.  Many people have influenced me, but nothing compares to the way Scottie has reshaped the way I look at life.  Verbally he is not able to encourage me to try my hardest, but in his silence he is a far more powerful influence.  I never imagined that I could learn so much about myself through this boy who is so incredibly challenged.  He has made me aware of all I have to be thankful for and has taught me to be a better person.  His presence has opened my eyes to reveal the true meaning of life and has given me a greater appreciation for each day I live.

Scottie's physical appearance is different from other children of the same age and some people are actually frightened of him.  Differences are what make us all individuals, and should not be feared, but enjoyed.  Prejudice, ignorance and discrimination are what we should fear.  Scottie could never harm anyone, and when I look at him, I see beyond his physical appearance and uncover the most beautiful human being that has ever crossed my path.  His innocence and inner beauty radiate out from his heart to touch many people's lives in a unique way.  It is hard not to be judgemental, yet Scottie has taught me to look past appearances and realize the inner human qualities that truly matter.  This experience has enabled me to work with other people who have illnesses or disabilities and not be intimidated by them.

When I was younger, I spent more time with Scottie, sitting on the couch reading stories.  He always had that beautiful smile on his face and was so happy for everything I did for him.  He is not able to speak and yet there is a great feeling of peace that surrounds him.  I often get frustrated about my goals or ambitions that I am unable to achieve.  He does not have a perfect body or a perfect mind, yet he is the happiest person I have ever met.  He has made me realize that I should be more content with what I have, and although excellence is good, striving for perfection can be the route to failure.  When I am with Scottie, I realize how blessed I am and that I should never take for granted, but rather cherish what can so easily be taken away.

On a daily basis Scottie faces bigger challenges than most of us will ever face in our lives.  He helps me to put my life in perspective when the pressures of everyday life distort my ideas about what really matters.  Scottie continues to run a ministry in his own home by helping people to find what is important in life.  He has helped so many people and continues to touch so many lives without ever uttering a word.

This piece was written twenty plus years ago and still to this day, Scottie's presence in this world continues to touch peoples lives.  I can only hope that sharing this can help us all reflect on the huge blessings we all have, no matter what package they come in.

Friday, April 8, 2011

When is a key just a key?

Two days ago I received a call (an odd call I might add) from an old business associate.  I had stopped doing business with this person years ago and the end of the partnership was, let's say, less than desirable.  I am not the type of person to cut someone off at the knees or burn any bridges, so despite the bitterness I felt at the time, I remained professional and simply moved on.
In any event, the call was just that - a call.  He had actually dialed the wrong number to let someone know that he wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be going into the office.  He had conveyed this information to me, not realizing who he was speaking to.  I immediately identified myself and told him I hoped he felt better.
Clearly we were both a bit taken back and hung up the phone.
Knowing what I know about the universe, this little incident stayed with me all day.  I could not simply shrug it off to the fact that he dialed the wrong number - he hadn't dialed my number in over six years!  So why today?
Although I do not believe in coincidences and feel that everything happens for a reason, I am not crazy enough to spend every waking moment trying to look for the hidden meaning in things. 
One could drive themselves crazy doing that!
Sometimes, we have to be satisfied with "a key is just a key", rather than it being a "key" to unlock a mystery.  This time, however, for me, I knew it was something more.
The following day, I had a "eureka" moment, an amazing idea for a business project popped in my head.  I was so excited about the prospect, I was gleaming.  I couldn't wait to contact the people that I would like to work with on this project and share this amazing insight.  Eager and volcanic with excitement, I started making phone calls. 
Suddenly, like a massive wave of the ocean, the reminder of that short little mis-dial of my ex-partner came rushing back, turning on that elusive light bulb in my head.  There it was!  The very reason the universe put that seemingly insignificant little incident in my path.  You see, the fallout of the previous relationship was as a result of not crossing every T and dotting every i.  When we set out to have a business partnership, we were great friends and sat down over a cocktail, came up with a plan and implemented it with a handshake.  We never created any legal documents of the business relationship, we simply trusted each other.  Over time, the business took on the normal day to day stresses and personalities began to change.  At the end of the day, I paid a very steep price for trusting that people would 'do the right thing'.  It took me some time to rid myself of the ill feelings and accept that every person has to walk their own path.  These were great lessons for me on every level and for that, I was grateful.  Even more grateful I am today to be reminded of this as I blast forth in my new adventure, knowing that it is always best to set the rules of the game before you start.
The universe is always speaking to us...
we just have to PAY ATTENTION! 
There are no restrictions on how this information will be presented to us, as the universe has all of the tools necessary at it's disposal.  It may come as a comment from a stranger, in the next television show you watch, from an old newspaper article, or even a blog post that has popped in your email box. 
Pull up your attena and polish it, my friend, the universe is always on your side working diligently to assist you.  Remove the blinders and be open to receive! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holy Hangover!

Today I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my pants!  It was one of those laughs that you start to cry and you know your tummy will hurt for days.  You know the kind I am talking about.  We have all been there.  It usually doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it changes your whole day. 
So naturally, I must share the story in hopes that you may have that hard core belly laugh on me.  Well, actually it's not on me, it's on my friend...really!
A dear friend of mine, who will remain nameless for obvious reasons as you read on, recently went to a Fiftieth birthday party celebration.  As a common natural American practice, all the departing guests received a small bottle (and I mean small!) of champagne as a "favor".  I never did quite understand why people feel the need to give you some sort of inconsequential trinket when you go to a monumental party, wedding or shower.  What do we all do with them anyway?  Ninety percent of the time the favors we get are things we don't want, need or have to have and wind up sitting in our homes taking up valuable space because we feel guilty about getting rid of it.  After all, someone went through much trouble to think about what it would be, how it would present and of course...they PAID for it!  Then, once enough time (potentially years) has past and you are absolutely sure that no one will be looking around to find it on display in your house, you can ditch into the round file.  OK, so enough of my whining, on with the story...
So, days later, on her way to yet another "fun event" (a baby shower), she decided that just before going in to engage in the phony "oohs" and "aahhs", that this might be a good time to indulge in her happy little gift.
I think it is extremely important to stress at this point in my story, that my friend doesn't drink,  alcohol that is. 
See, I told you this story wasn't about me!   ;)
So, with this, she unwraps the top and pulls the plug.  A little confused about the lid on the bottle, she shrugged it off to unfamiliarity with the beverage.  With that she slugged it down, like a drunken sailor.  As the champagne is smoothly sliding down her throat, she is agast over the taste.  She had had champagne before and knew instantly that this was the worst she had ever tasted.  She looked at the bottle to find that this happy little gift was a bottle of bubbles, dressed as a bottle of bubbly!
So, yes, she drank the whole bottle of bubbles, but the best was that when she shared the story, she told me it was bubble bath.  It was only the next day when we revisited the story that she told me about the funny little wand that was attached to the lid!
Alright, I will wait a moment while you are still cracking up before I continue...

So, now, how can we tie this into Positive Perspectives and the Law of Attraction?  It really is quite simple.  There is no greater example of the universe taking control and washing your mouth out with soap!  Watch your mouth, honor your word and always keep a positive perspective! 
And for my dear friend who inevidably will read this, I must ask...what happened to your rubberband?!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letting the universe know you are there

What a great way to show the universe you are ready to receive!  This morning while sipping my java and trying to motivate myself for the hectic day ahead, I heard one of the many side conversations mumbling by the adjacent television, that perked my anteana to the roof.  A man walked into a coffee shop and started screaming, "I'm Rich! I'm Rich!", all the while he was throwing money in the air.  Naturally, the patrons were shocked and thought the man had gone stark raven mad!

What these folks do not know is that this man was letting the universe reflect back to him what he wishes to project. 

He got it right - and he knew it!

You see, the universe acts as a giant reflection of what our thoughts and projections are.  Somewhat similar to a gargantuan copy machine, if you will.  So each time you say, "I am broke" or "I need more money" the universe simply repeats that energy pattern right back to you. Just as you hit that copy button on the big  Xerox robot, it starts spitting it out again, and again, and again.
I am broke
I am broke
I am broke
Continously repeating the same picture over and over until you give it a different command.  Each day will present new and different perimeters to keep you in the same financial position.  Until of course, you shift gears in your consciousness and start projecting a new reality.
Problem is, that as logical, rational human beings we tend to see only on a surface level.  If there is no money in your bank account, the brain says "I am broke" and although that it may be true in that very moment, that is a temporary monetary condition and not a permanent dictation of who you are.  And yet, this is what we do.  We create a permanent label to a temporary condition. 
How do you break the pattern?  Well, this it right.  Take a bold stand and hit a different button on the machine, take what you have and give it away.  This is a CRYSTAL CLEAR message (to be duplicated by the copy machine), "I have plenty of money, so much that I can certainly afford to give some of it away."

For your enjoyment, I have posted the link below for you to watch the clip yourself: