Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letting the universe know you are there

What a great way to show the universe you are ready to receive!  This morning while sipping my java and trying to motivate myself for the hectic day ahead, I heard one of the many side conversations mumbling by the adjacent television, that perked my anteana to the roof.  A man walked into a coffee shop and started screaming, "I'm Rich! I'm Rich!", all the while he was throwing money in the air.  Naturally, the patrons were shocked and thought the man had gone stark raven mad!

What these folks do not know is that this man was letting the universe reflect back to him what he wishes to project. 

He got it right - and he knew it!

You see, the universe acts as a giant reflection of what our thoughts and projections are.  Somewhat similar to a gargantuan copy machine, if you will.  So each time you say, "I am broke" or "I need more money" the universe simply repeats that energy pattern right back to you. Just as you hit that copy button on the big  Xerox robot, it starts spitting it out again, and again, and again.
I am broke
I am broke
I am broke
Continously repeating the same picture over and over until you give it a different command.  Each day will present new and different perimeters to keep you in the same financial position.  Until of course, you shift gears in your consciousness and start projecting a new reality.
Problem is, that as logical, rational human beings we tend to see only on a surface level.  If there is no money in your bank account, the brain says "I am broke" and although that it may be true in that very moment, that is a temporary monetary condition and not a permanent dictation of who you are.  And yet, this is what we do.  We create a permanent label to a temporary condition. 
How do you break the pattern?  Well, this it right.  Take a bold stand and hit a different button on the machine, take what you have and give it away.  This is a CRYSTAL CLEAR message (to be duplicated by the copy machine), "I have plenty of money, so much that I can certainly afford to give some of it away."

For your enjoyment, I have posted the link below for you to watch the clip yourself:

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