Thursday, March 17, 2011

The world is going to hell in a handbasket!

When the world seems to be on the brink of destruction on every level, how do you stay positive????
Everywhere I look, from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya, to the mass natural destruction of the Japanese (not to mention the impending radioactive meltdown) and the Haitians, to the suffering of the hungry and unemployed in my own country, it is an extreme challenge to stay focused in faith and feel good about life.
Last night I laid awake for hours with vivid images running through my mind of the pain and suffering taking place around the globe.  We all see it, but what can we do about it?
For most of us, we feel the compassion and do the only thing we can do...
write a check to the red cross
Somehow that seems to settle our sense of urgency.  It allows us a small sense of feeling like we have contributed something.
In the context of The Law of Attraction, I ask myself, could it be that ALL of these people attracted this?  I would firmly argue NOT!  So how is it that with all of the learning and teaching that I have done on this subject it all comes down to a question that I cannot answer?  The first lesson I learned in understanding the law of attraction was to take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING  in your life.  I feel quite confident that I have achieved that personally.  But as I continue to teach and view the circumstances around the planet I am left with some pretty conflicting philosophies to weed through.
It has been my experience for many years that things just happen.  It is only over the last 13 years that I would place myself accountable for those things.  But in the grand scheme of life I have found that events seem to take place (which seem to be totally out of our control) to bring us to the next stage in our own individual evolution.  I did not come from an ideal all American lifestyle.  My entire life from the time I was born was hard - really hard.  It seemed as though everyday presented a whole host of challenges in survival.  I could go on and on about the things I have been through but the reality of it all is that we all have our own story.  My life may have been very difficult in some ways while yours may have been difficult in others.  We are all the same, just with a different story to tell.  Each of these stories grant us the opportunity to learn and grow... if we so choose.
As a result, I have to remind myself that for those people who have crossed over during these times of turmoil, have gone just at the right time for them.  On a soul level, I believe we all are aware of our timeline on this planet.  I have watched helplessly, painfully while several of my own family members have left and felt bitter and selfish in my own self pity.  And yet, there is a peace inside of me that knows that they knew they were leaving - this was evident in the conversations during the months prior. 
For those who continue to be the struggling warriors in this quest, I must resolve myself to knowing that most of them will learn, grow and evolve from these challenging times.  This is the positive perspective that I must maintain for myself.  For after all, I can only be responsible for me and the world will always be a reflection of my perspective.
The events of the world will always be.  It is only our view of it that can give us peace (or turmoil) within our own selves.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Keep writing! Perspective in this time of turmoil is EVERYTHING,thank you for sharing yours!

Lori Hamilton said...

That was so well spoken!! I, too am a believer in the law of attraction and I write about it in my new blog. I do it in a very humorous way; but, I believe that laughter is the best everything. Please visit me at You are always welcome there...thank you so much for stopping by!

Lori Hamilton/close2bliss