Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is Metophysiology?

Metophysiology is an all natural, non-invasive form of complimentary medicine. Using a method called kinesiology (muscle testing), a metophysiologist can access information stored in your "energy" data bank to determine what elements are preventing the bodies own ability to heal itself. A Metophysiologist may then advise his/her client on various ways in which a person can begin the healing process. Whether you are suffering from a simple allergy or much more complicated issues in your life, metophysiology explores your individual needs rather than blanket symptom analysis. The mere fact that we all have unique fingerprints and DNA proves the theory that our bodies are completely individualized from each and every other human being on the planet. So, why then are we continuously thrown into a pool of common elements of which could have nothing to do with how our body chooses to respond?It is really quite simple... The "traditional" medical profession really has no means of knowing "for sure" why your body has developed a particular symptom. It is all a matter of hypothetical guessing, based on what has happened with other people who have experienced the same symptom. The human body is virtually the most complex system operating on the planet today. It would be safe to say that it is almost (and I say almost, only because "if" we used our brains/energy for more than just a mere fraction of its capacity...) impossible for any one person (ie. doctor, scientist, etc.) to understand every element of the body -- this is why we have medical 'specialists' (neurologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, ophthamologists, etc.) who focus on a particular portion of the body. The problem here exists in the fact that you can't take that particular piece out of the body, fix it and put it back in (well, in most cases I guess). Each and every part of the body affects another part of the body. It is all connected! So, if you are having trouble urinating, the urologist does not remove the bladder, examine it, make repairs and re-install. He/She simply makes a best guess estimate of your problem and in most cases will send you off to the pharmacy to pop a magic pill. This pill of course, is designed to attack the symptom. Which, hey, isn't that what we are looking for???? To alleviate our discomfort? Well, of course! Here is where we get into trouble...