Friday, March 25, 2011

"Will you help me?" - How to know when it's ok to ask...

Some days I find it so incomprehensible that people always assume to know what other people are thinking.  I find that often times people lose out on incredible opportunities as a result of taking such an approach.  In  understanding the law of attraction it is of great importance to pay attention!  Don't walk away from a situation and say "wow, wasn't that interesting?  What a coincidence". 
NO!!  The universe has just placed just the right person, with just the right education and/or skill set directly in front of you as the next step toward your goal.
Perhaps this person has just the right contact or knows the "how to", that you need.  Once your intention is clear...PAY ATTENTION!  Open your eyes and ears and walk with the expectancy of witnessing magic happen right before your eyes.  Astonishing events are about to unfold and too often we miss the moment because we really have become bad receivers. 
When someone enters your circle that has the tools to help you, for goodness sakes... ASK!
Do not assume for one single solitary second, that this person is not willing to help you.
Chances are VERY good that that is exactly why they are there. 
As a common denominator, we tend to project our own opinions, objectives and fears onto other people.  You do not know what this person is thinking, doing or even being in that moment. 
Assume NOTHING. 
Ask with the expectancy to get it.  Ask with the openness of receiving.  Ask, knowing that you are allowing the other person the privilege of honoring their desire to give.
Look, the reality is, is that you have nothing to lose by asking, and everything to gain.  If the person says no to your request, you are still exactly where you were before you asked - nothing lost.  But if they says YES, you have now achieved the next step toward your goal. 
Always remember this...No Ask, No Get.  It is that simple.

ps. for more great inspiration, I would highly recommend reading "The Aladin Factor" by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson.  You can check it out here:  
The Aladdin Factor

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