Thursday, March 3, 2011

Attraction in Action . . .

I am absolutely bursting with excitement as I write this.  Anytime I get to fully witness the unfolding of the law of attraction in action, it pulses an explosion of passion through my veins like a rush of the ocean pounding on the shore.  Not only for the person it is working for, but as a direct impact of how phenominal the universe is in it's exactness to transcribe the desires of each and everyone of us... if only we use it.

Two weeks ago I was discussing the law of attraction with my friend Missy.  Knowing me for sometime, she had been exposed to the concept, but not truly implementing the process with any conviction.  We had spoken about her career and where she wanted it to go.  I shared with her that I felt the various "options" that she conveyed where extremely diverse (albeit, all sharing one common goal) and seemingly haphazard.  I expressed to her that I thought it would be important for her to truly examine and define her "dream job".  What is it that your passionate about?

Missy decided to re-write her resume.  Rather than creating a "standard" format resume, she became creative and decided to lay it out more in the form of a letter,  describing "who" she was.  This single event was a clear indication to the universe of the vision of "Missy".  Not who she was today, but who she was as a result of all of her experiences and what she had to offer.  In that moment, she defined her dream job.

For more than a couple of decades, Missy worked in the world of television production for one of the bigboy networks in the industry.  This was her passion.  When she read her letter to me, I asked if she was interested in working production for someone or creating her own production company.  Her response was simple and as expected for someone new to understanding the law of attraction.  She replied by saying that she certainly could not start her own, as this could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and that was not on the table at the moment.  With that, I invited Missy to assist me in creating some YouTube videos.  I knew that this would start the energy in motion for her and get her back in the grove of igniting the fire for herself.  Those of you who were present at the last lecture on Positive Perspectives at the Nurtured Spirit last week would have seen Missy operating the camera, recording the event.

Today, through a simple read article in the newspaper and a single telephone call, (NOTEsee the sign, catch it and act!)  Missy has now be given an incredible opportunity to use a studio and all of it's production equipment, have training for her entire crew for seven weeks, and the availability to create her own programs with airing on a television broadcast channel -- all for FREE!  AMAZING!  Over a quarter of million dollars worth of opportunity layed at her feet, just by calling it forth...
Does it get any better than this?
So, then I pose the question to you...  Why aren't you doing it?

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