Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm always right...DEAL WITH IT!

Once again, I am faced with the incredible account of watching the human ego stand in the way of greatness.  If we can be honest with ourselves, we can admit that we have all done it. 
Try to remember a time when you lost out on something (perhaps something great), because you thought you knew it all.  I will openly admit, it has happen to me and unfortunately I have had to pay the price for it more times than I care to count.  Those times have proven to me that my ego is quite expensive!
When talking about the law of attraction and letting the universe know what it is that you want, it is important to realize that perhaps it is best to be open to the way it is delivered.  This is not to say to settle for things that you don't want but to understand that the chemicalization process is ALWAYS to be considered. 
What is chemicalization? 
Chemicalization is the process that gets you from point A to point B.  So for instance, let's say you decide that you want a job promotion.  Your intent is clear.  You visualize yourself as being the Vice President of corporation XYZ.  Currently you are a clerk in the mail room.  There is nothing inherently wrong with you setting that goal for yourself.  In time, it can certainly be an obtainable goal.  One must admit, however, that chances are good that you are not currently equipped to hold the position that you are seeking.  Chemicalization sets the pace for you to learn what you need to learn in order to get the position you desire.  Perhaps it is that you are offered a new position as a customer service representative.  Suddenly, there is an anger that bubbles with the thought that this is not what you asked for!  Avail yourself to the possibility that the new position offered will bring new understanding to the process of the corporation.  A stepping stone, per se.  Over time, the universe will continue to open the doors of learning to avail you the education needed to get the job you intend for yourself.
If the genie in the bottle popped out and said "OK, you are now Vice President", the likelihood of success in maintaining that position are slim to none.  This is why 95% of the people who win the lottery are bankrupt within the first five years!  You must be equipped to handle the responsibility that comes with the things you ask for.  Too often we see things only as we choose to see them, rather than what is actually being shown to us. 
This reminds me of a story that I have shared many times, and feel it necessary to include once more.  I wish I could give credit to the person who first told the tale, but I don't know who it was so I will just say, clearly profound:
During a time of great flood there was a man who had tremendous faith in God.  Although he had heard radio reports that everyone should evacuate the area, he said to himself  "I am a man of faith, and I know that God will keep me safe.  I am not leaving my home."  With that the water began to rise.  As the neighborhood was drowning and was more of a lake rather than roads and sidewalks, the man heard voices yelling out to him.  It was a boat outside his door.  The rescue team was calling out, "Sir, we are in a state of emergency, you must evacuate your home now!  We are here to help you out".  The man replied, "I am a man of faith, and I know that God will keep me safe.  I am not leaving my home."
Soon the water levels had risen so high that the man was forced to climb to his rooftop for safety.  Shortly thereafter he noticed a helicopter approaching.  The rescue team was calling out, "Sir, we are in a state of emergency, you must evacuate your home now! We are here to help you out". Once again the man replied, "I am a man of faith, and I know that God will keep me safe. I am not leaving my home."
As he approached the pearly gates to meet with God, he said "I do not understand, I am a man of faith, I trusted with all of my heart that I was not in danger...?" 
With that God replied "My son, I sent you a radio broadcast, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter...why the hell are you here?!"

When setting your intentions for the things that you would like to have, choose, or see in your life, always bear in mind that you may not know the best or shortest route to get there.  Avail yourself to the understanding that as human beings we have a tendency to try and "control" what happens in every area of our lives.  Sometimes, it is best to simply let go and watch the unfolding.  You will always get what it is that you are intending, as long as the intention is clear.  Trust and gratitude for what is showing up in your life at this moment is the key to understanding that the universe is ALWAYS working in your favor and will bring you to where you want to be.  Recently, my friend Mario shared with me a mantra that I now use frequently, and that is "I do not know, what I do not know". 
As such, I am left with the understanding that TRUST is necessary element in evolution.


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Unknown said...

Great Point that Trust is essential and so important in allowing the Universal process to provide you with stepping stones along the path to your desires.