Friday, April 8, 2011

When is a key just a key?

Two days ago I received a call (an odd call I might add) from an old business associate.  I had stopped doing business with this person years ago and the end of the partnership was, let's say, less than desirable.  I am not the type of person to cut someone off at the knees or burn any bridges, so despite the bitterness I felt at the time, I remained professional and simply moved on.
In any event, the call was just that - a call.  He had actually dialed the wrong number to let someone know that he wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be going into the office.  He had conveyed this information to me, not realizing who he was speaking to.  I immediately identified myself and told him I hoped he felt better.
Clearly we were both a bit taken back and hung up the phone.
Knowing what I know about the universe, this little incident stayed with me all day.  I could not simply shrug it off to the fact that he dialed the wrong number - he hadn't dialed my number in over six years!  So why today?
Although I do not believe in coincidences and feel that everything happens for a reason, I am not crazy enough to spend every waking moment trying to look for the hidden meaning in things. 
One could drive themselves crazy doing that!
Sometimes, we have to be satisfied with "a key is just a key", rather than it being a "key" to unlock a mystery.  This time, however, for me, I knew it was something more.
The following day, I had a "eureka" moment, an amazing idea for a business project popped in my head.  I was so excited about the prospect, I was gleaming.  I couldn't wait to contact the people that I would like to work with on this project and share this amazing insight.  Eager and volcanic with excitement, I started making phone calls. 
Suddenly, like a massive wave of the ocean, the reminder of that short little mis-dial of my ex-partner came rushing back, turning on that elusive light bulb in my head.  There it was!  The very reason the universe put that seemingly insignificant little incident in my path.  You see, the fallout of the previous relationship was as a result of not crossing every T and dotting every i.  When we set out to have a business partnership, we were great friends and sat down over a cocktail, came up with a plan and implemented it with a handshake.  We never created any legal documents of the business relationship, we simply trusted each other.  Over time, the business took on the normal day to day stresses and personalities began to change.  At the end of the day, I paid a very steep price for trusting that people would 'do the right thing'.  It took me some time to rid myself of the ill feelings and accept that every person has to walk their own path.  These were great lessons for me on every level and for that, I was grateful.  Even more grateful I am today to be reminded of this as I blast forth in my new adventure, knowing that it is always best to set the rules of the game before you start.
The universe is always speaking to us...
we just have to PAY ATTENTION! 
There are no restrictions on how this information will be presented to us, as the universe has all of the tools necessary at it's disposal.  It may come as a comment from a stranger, in the next television show you watch, from an old newspaper article, or even a blog post that has popped in your email box. 
Pull up your attena and polish it, my friend, the universe is always on your side working diligently to assist you.  Remove the blinders and be open to receive! 

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mary andreozzi said...

I like keeping my RAS on so I am open to possibilities. Also helps to keep the toxic stuff clearly evident so I can veer another direction. keep on sharing Denise!