Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is Metophysiology?

Metophysiology is an all natural, non-invasive form of complimentary medicine. Using a method called kinesiology (muscle testing), a metophysiologist can access information stored in your "energy" data bank to determine what elements are preventing the bodies own ability to heal itself. A Metophysiologist may then advise his/her client on various ways in which a person can begin the healing process. Whether you are suffering from a simple allergy or much more complicated issues in your life, metophysiology explores your individual needs rather than blanket symptom analysis. The mere fact that we all have unique fingerprints and DNA proves the theory that our bodies are completely individualized from each and every other human being on the planet. So, why then are we continuously thrown into a pool of common elements of which could have nothing to do with how our body chooses to respond?It is really quite simple... The "traditional" medical profession really has no means of knowing "for sure" why your body has developed a particular symptom. It is all a matter of hypothetical guessing, based on what has happened with other people who have experienced the same symptom. The human body is virtually the most complex system operating on the planet today. It would be safe to say that it is almost (and I say almost, only because "if" we used our brains/energy for more than just a mere fraction of its capacity...) impossible for any one person (ie. doctor, scientist, etc.) to understand every element of the body -- this is why we have medical 'specialists' (neurologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, ophthamologists, etc.) who focus on a particular portion of the body. The problem here exists in the fact that you can't take that particular piece out of the body, fix it and put it back in (well, in most cases I guess). Each and every part of the body affects another part of the body. It is all connected! So, if you are having trouble urinating, the urologist does not remove the bladder, examine it, make repairs and re-install. He/She simply makes a best guess estimate of your problem and in most cases will send you off to the pharmacy to pop a magic pill. This pill of course, is designed to attack the symptom. Which, hey, isn't that what we are looking for???? To alleviate our discomfort? Well, of course! Here is where we get into trouble...
We have not solved the problem - sure, we are urinating again (hopefully pain free) but we don't know what caused the malfunction to begin with. Does it matter? No, I guess not, as long as we don't have the problem again, we are happy. But, then... out of nowhere (or so we think), the malfunction shows up somewhere else - seemingly unrelated.You see, if you don't correct the source of the problem, the problem doesn't go away. Listen folks, we (and this includes the medical profession) see the symptom as being the problem. This is the biggest mistake. We want to alleviate the discomfort, naturally. Understand that a symptom is merely the body saying "Hey, there is something wrong!". With the use of kinesiology, you can dive deeper to understand where the ultimate issues lie. Many times, a psychological stress factor that we have buried deep within ourselves can be the core issue that is eating away at your physical well being. How many times have you (or someone you know) had aches, pains, rashes, missed periods, extended and/or heavy periods at unexpected times, acid reflux (funny, years ago was simply referred to as heartburn - now it's a disease called "acid reflux"), etc. - only to go for multiple tests for your MD to tell you "we can't find anything -- it must be stress related"? I have had clients over the years complain of extreme fatigue, only to find out that it was caused by a sudden onset of a food allergy. One does not always know why your body is responding the way it does -- but rest assured, your body knows!
Our minds can (and does) create all sorts of scenarios in our head of what is happening when our bodies are not operating properly. This is usually based in fear of the "what ifs". With the wonderful world of the Internet, we type in all of our symptoms and sit in abject fear reading stories of what other people have experienced with similar symptoms. Kinesiology works in such a personal, individualized way - your body, and ONLY your body knows what your body needs. Lets face it, I may be able to consume two big bags of peanuts during a baseball game, while the person sitting next to me could be hospitalized just by smelling my tasty snack. We all operate differently. Sure, there are many similarities between us, but the reality is is that we are all unique in our beings and respond differently to various stimuli.
A Metophysiologist, after conducting a muscle testing session, will make recommendations or corrections to the bodies energy system (otherwise known as your meridian system) through means of accupressure (or the use of energy batteries) to shift the response system to effectively accept rather than reject a particular energy pattern. For a bit more clarification, the meridian system is a railroad track (if you will), of energy lines that run just below the skins surface. These are the same components used in accupuncture. They are the "life line" of the energy system in the body. They contain pressure points which correspond to the various organs of the body -- your organs link to various different emotions. Utilization of this innate intellegince system ties in the "Body, Mind and Spirit" connection.
Your body knows what it needs to heal itself. It is the bodies' natural function to recreate itself a new. Your cells are continuously regenerating and healing. It is no secret that if a person smokes for 20 years and has damage to their lungs, that quiting will allow the lung tissue to renew and become healthy once more. A fine example of how the body rejuvinates is when you get a minor cut on your finger. Instantly, mechanisms kick in to coagulate the blood, a scab starts to form, and before you know it, the skin is healed. This is true of entire body. It is only the things that we explose ourselves to that prevent this process from happening. Whether it be, stress, poor nutrition, environmental factors, physical traumas, etc. Once you know where the healing blocks are, taking steps to remove them (or transform them), then allows the body to do what it is naturally designed to do... heal itself!
Look, I am not here to tell you that Metophysiology is the have all and be all to perfect health -- but I am here to tell you that it is a process that can aid in your healing journey. It is a form of complimentary medicine and should always be used in conjunction with your regular health care practitioner. Traditional western medicine has its place in this world, but we as individuals have to take a responsible role for our own health and wellbeing and understand that our bodies can do much more than we give it credit for, all on its own. Using drugs for the rest of our lives and playing guessing games with our health will become a thing of the past.
As a Metophysiologist, my role is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. My intention is to assist you in the manifestation of optimum health!

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